Hi everyone, I want to thank those of you that still follow what I post. I’ve been working on a lot of neat projects pretty much off the grid lately and before I get a chance to reveal them all, I would like to give a shoutout to my friends over at SiteGround offering some great Web Hosting Solutions. In an effort to provide more direct recommendations to you all, for services and products that I use frequently, I am going to start creating them under my Recommendations posts.

I personally believe that the next generation of successful companies are the ones that are going to adapt to their user’s wants and needs and focus a good bit on providing quality customer service. Since I started development, I went through a lot of hosts that didn’t have features, support or something else that I needed. It wasn’t until I found SiteGround that my perspective of quality hosts was turned around.

Here are all the benefits of SiteGround that I recommend using it for (in this order of importance):

  • Superb customer service
  • 99% uptime with hardly ever any noticeable server maintenance or lag
  • Referring a friend for hosting discounts (as well as affiliate marketing like this article*)
  • Intuitive, feature-rich and easy-to-use cPanel

I highly recommend giving SiteGround hosting a chance. I’ve also used them for a number of other things such as SSL Certificates, Virus Monitoring and domain transfers. They have been extremely easy to work with and no matter how many times (100+) I’ve contacted their customer service team, they have been ready and willing to help me. They providing hard evidence, troubleshooting, common sense and a bit of humor to keep things interesting. I’ve literally never had a bad experience in a chat or support ticket. That’s saying something.

Web Hosting

*I am providing a 100% real and honest recommendation of a company that I love.