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Passion for People - Josh Aguirre

Josh Aguirre

About Josh Aguirre

Business led. People driven.

I believe success comes from the passions that are instilled within all of us. When you tap into your hobbies, expand your interests and lean into your fears, clarity and satisfaction follow. It is here where I find that people most often succeed.

Business Strategy

Leading with a strong sense of culture, I work with startups to innovative across a variety of different industries. I apply proven strategies to high-risk companies to increase the possibility of ROI.

Web Design & UX

Working with some of the most talented freelancers, we work to eliminate the pain points in your user stories. Frictionless experiences inevitably lead to growth.


A key performer in any company has the ability to automate processes and procedures. I utilize the latest and most economical tools to enhance business productivity.


Using blockchain as a new medium, we are revolutionizing industry, societal structures and accelerating slow bureaucratic processes. Through helping other companies and agencies to succeed, we can dramatically increase the impact we have on making the world a better place.

My mission is to empower like-minded individuals to excel at life, combining areas of expertise with one another ultimately to create a better world. I’m doing this by creating companies, employing strong teams and instilling purpose in each individual.

I envision a future beyond borders, one that utilizes automated systems and blockchain software to expedite global decisions, ensuring a safer and more progressive future. I see a future where we colonize our solar system and expand industry into new, exciting and unheard of fields.

I believe there is a science to the foundation of great business strategies. This is why I created the Agile Autopoietic Model (AAM).

  1. By focusing on Culture first, we allow for a healthy and focused environment of team members who are willing to take the product to new levels.
  2. The Value department emphasizes delivering value to the customer through establishing a lean infrastructure.
  3. The Innovation department was fashioned because we live in a world that’s rapidly adjusting to technology (i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc). If you build a company without a strong presence of innovation, you’re not thinking far enough ahead to maximize growth and ensure sustainability for your customer.
  4. Lastly we have Operations to ensure that the roles and responsibilities will scale the business at every level.

Companies that utilize this foundational strategy run autonomously and naturally adapt to growth through an Agile framework that envelopes each department and its team’s functions.

Team Culture
People Driven Value
Constant Innovation
Agile Operations


Business Ventures

I began creating businesses in high school starting with a computer repair business, animation and website services and by 24 I was producing commercials and simultaneously running two businesses, as well as one charity. Automation is where I’m at and Blockchain is where we’re heading.



A 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is privately funded for operations and guarantees 100% of public donations to the cause. We are developing the Remote Freelancer Program to teach individuals facing homelessness how to work remotely.
Invenst Labs+


We are building a global community of connected individuals who collaborate effeciently to plan, launch, and manage Decentralized Virtual Companies online.


A freelancer marketplace catered to individuals seeking to start a career in freelancing, build upon their skill sets and expand their horizons.
The Trusty Businessman+


Helping individuals to learn the ropes of starting online companies, sharing best practices and unveiling the tools we utilize in our day-to-day operations.


Business Ventures

Cressio LLC+


A company based on automation in industry, consulting with companies, building and selling startups and grounded in the philosophy of “tripping forward.”


An automated and decentralized drop shipping company which sold vaping electronics and juices, created under Cressio and sold within 2 years


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